Friday, 4 February 2011

Independent babes

“Question, tell me what you think about me–I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings,” sang Destiny’s Child more than a decade ago. But true emancipation of women throughout the world is far from being achieved. And I am not talking only differences in salary amongst men and women.
We are the post-sexual revolution women of the 21st century; we are the post-feminists; we are the pill-for-granted generation. But we are still playing the sex game: short skirts, high heels, make up, and plastic surgery. How much do we take advantage of this role, of the scheme in which sexiness turns on powerful men, than try to change it?

Some nations see this phenomena more than others. Women follow the rule, selling themselves, playing dumb and dancing half naked on Sunday-afternoon’s family TV programs. Are they really victims of “sex-sells”? Sometimes it seems easier to use femininity and looks than to get to a job where you have to work like a man and be respected as one, then come back home and finish the day parenting as a supermummy.
But women who became CEOs, politicians, doctors and other professionals work hard to attain independence. Marrying a millionaire can elevate a girl on the social ring or get her a higher job position, but no money on this world will ever buy her self-respect and the true deep satisfaction that comes from personal achievements. You can buy happiness, but only with the money you truly earn.