Friday, 4 February 2011

Independent babes

“Question, tell me what you think about me–I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings,” sang Destiny’s Child more than a decade ago. But true emancipation of women throughout the world is far from being achieved. And I am not talking only differences in salary amongst men and women.
We are the post-sexual revolution women of the 21st century; we are the post-feminists; we are the pill-for-granted generation. But we are still playing the sex game: short skirts, high heels, make up, and plastic surgery. How much do we take advantage of this role, of the scheme in which sexiness turns on powerful men, than try to change it?

Some nations see this phenomena more than others. Women follow the rule, selling themselves, playing dumb and dancing half naked on Sunday-afternoon’s family TV programs. Are they really victims of “sex-sells”? Sometimes it seems easier to use femininity and looks than to get to a job where you have to work like a man and be respected as one, then come back home and finish the day parenting as a supermummy.
But women who became CEOs, politicians, doctors and other professionals work hard to attain independence. Marrying a millionaire can elevate a girl on the social ring or get her a higher job position, but no money on this world will ever buy her self-respect and the true deep satisfaction that comes from personal achievements. You can buy happiness, but only with the money you truly earn.


  1. Well I got to admit I was a bit biased when I look at pictures of Ms Tchoumitcheva. There is something about her you can't really pin down. But then again we don't have too. But this little statement about personal achievements pays tribute to an idea and to the person who wrote it. Respect.

    Keep the spirit and may you get on your journey to a place you want to be and when you reach that destination you like what is there.

  2. .. OH nothing more to say you now, then: i l♥ve y♥u my dearest ♕Queen... & let's DO it in the Team &.. a thankful kiss fo this.~* miss you, yr♔

  3. Fairly interesting and well written post.
    It is nevertheless, also a very HYPOCRITICAL post coming from you.
    With all due respect, you are probably selling soft and indirect sex more than anyone else.
    Thus, I think you should first honor these noble values and beliefs yourself, before advising other women to do so.


  4. INDEPENDENCE IS ALMOST ALWAYS ASSOCIATED WITH JUSTICE... especially with regard to women's rights. The women are to find a way to get rid of discrimination that had to endure over thousands of years. Now Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton are the best examples for the change.

  5. How do you make a girls eyes shine? -
    just hold a flashlight on her ear :P

    No seriously. I think to achieve something big in these days is easier for a man than for a woman.
    Especially for example in your case, i think many people believe that what you achieved
    is just because you look good. I think people dont realize that a lot of hard work
    and passion is behind that. It needs a lot of discipline, strength and also a strong
    will to achieve something in this world, as a woman even more than as a man.
    Its hard not to get corrupted and hold on to ones values. Many women take the "easy" way.
    You described it well in your post. Ive seen it in many big companies,
    especially banks, that a lot of woman there were just hired to look at them, even though some of them were really smart. But whos mistake is it? So is that sex game many women are playing really something that helps them to achieve independence or is it the opposite - depending on a mans sympathy and corrupting their values? Im not sure...

    Why is it more important for a woman to look good than to be smart? -
    because men are better in looking than thinking :O


  6. stop hatin' on her =PPP

  7. happiness should never be bought. much like love. anytime you buy either you are buying a temporary fix. happiness and love come from within the pit of your stomach. the truest form of love in this world is "unconditional", in the way a mother loves her baby. she will die for that baby without thinking in order to protect it. that is how I love and that is the type of love I want from my woman. independent or not. If I love unconditionally then what she is or what she becomes does not and will not matter. I will be there for her when she is broke or a billionaire just like I expect the same unconditional love. True love, as they say, is the souls recognition of its counterpart. My counterpart will be a beautiful soul.

  8. Oh...! Hi! Nice Blog! But this writing was a little confused... Indipendence (In-dependence) is a little overrated in this times, that there are some unsolved problems between men whoman relationship that's true... and you're smart... but you're missing the point, it's like you're stopping your meditation at the third dimension (but there are six colors and also black and white), the main problem and maybe the roots of it, sits, I m quite shure, in a false identification of both... whomans & mans. As long as we Identify ourself in our job, our success (or our failure), our dreams, our material possessions, our ideas, our illusions, our fear and our ego... it will be an eternal battle in and outside. As long as people don't know their true nature... they wont accept the differences between them (and I'm not talking only about whoman discrimination) and that we depend on thoes differences... 'cause... there are some differences... in starting by 4 different types of blood (and we still say that one is more precious than another), but there is only one life, one sun, one joy, one love , one azure world, one people, one destiny (ahahahah death for all...) so we can return to the fact that there one life and decide what face we put on everyday and night when we're watching at that one sky with that one moon flying around us trying to rule the seas... dunque perché avere paura? perché nn appassionarsi? perché nn legarsi? perché nn amare? perché nn tuffarsi? perché nn volare? perché l'indipendenza è così fortemente relativa? (alla fin fine... di terra acqua, aria , calore e luce abbiamo tutti bisogno no?) Perché è tanto dipendente dalle circostanze da renderla schiava del tempo e dei nostri sforzi (e su questo hai ragione bisogna una volta capito continuare lottare)... ho fiducia nell'essere umano, sento vento fresco di progresso... esattamente come lei, signora principessa, che ha fatto molta strada sul pianete come in testa(RESPECT), in molti si stanno svegliano... certe nazioni aspetteranno un po di più, altre un po meno, al rapporto paritario ci arriveremo, poi dipenderà solo ancora dal singolo individuo.


    Ps: Visto che siamo in tema... Ste tipe son passate da Lugano e han reso un sacco... Vento dal nord!

    PPs: vero che lo scivolone prima o poi lo recuperi? cioè daiiiiii... please! Ahahahah... Conosco chi ti può aiutare, si chiamano flame e tara sono californiani, hanno occhi rossi e sono lunghi rispettivamente 100 e 75cm

  9. Oh... PPPs: Thanks for that one song you've made... it helped me. Thank you.

  10. Usinf one's sexuality is one thing and it's never black and white. At the end of the day it's about YOU as a woman being in control of your future. Its all fine and dany when one is good looking with a billionaire boyfriend or lover whatever, but your self-esteem, self-respect is more important because you just become another person's posession and we all know what happens to pretty shiny things when they reach their expiry date. Be independent. If you are pouting and being sexy but so long as at the end of the day YOU are paying your own bills then fuck it I am all for it. We are not all going to look this sexy when we are 40 or 50. The main thing is you are not prancing like a pony for some man's approval or monthly allowance.

  11. Could try the Niqāb, although not in France these days. Otherwise probably the only way is to regulate at 50:50 split at each company.

  12. Sorry I was really confused when I wrote my first comment... I've projected myself onto you... hmmmm... that time I didn't realize... not kind, not at all. And those PS PPS etc. Where not cool. Sorry I feel like an idiot... such a shame! Have I perhaps offended you? Hope not too much. Thank you for posting it anyway so I could learn something now. I'm getting better (maybe you'll see).
    Ti auguro tanta felicità e successo per il futuro. Ciao

  13. erm i think that last comment is from somebody pretending to be Mr. Schnyder lololol. nice going your highness