Sunday, 20 March 2011

fake girl Carre Viiip

the girl describing herself as me
and using my name in a french reality
is obviously NOT me.

people are crazy nowadays, I am absolutely not doing any reality.

ps. her real name is Anastasia READ ARTICLE


  1. Ne te soucie pas de cette WannaViiip belle Xenia, elle ne t'arrive même pas à la cheville ;)

    Bonne salutations et grosse(s) bise(s).

  2. * Xenia♥ today THE MOON is really close!! yeah tonight it is a very *special *night *☆* jt ♥

  3. She's jealeous !! :p

  4. Hello,
    I went on your blog to get some news, and this article caught my attention, so I read, I watched the video and I laughed.

    I found it funny, but sad. Let me explain.
    Funny, simply because of how she behaves during her presentation, it’s completely ridiculous. She clearly doesn’t have what it takes to achieve our goal.
    I also see that video and her presentation as a joke, poorly done, but I also realized it was a bit more serious.
    I found it completely pathetic for this girl, who has no respect…it’s shameful. This girl lacks much more than originality ... An education?

    This girl, "Anastasia", liberates something vulgar in her voice as well as in her gestures, whereas you, Xenia, you give the complete opposite feeling, something more sincere and true.

    It is undeniable that this girl could harm you.
    But you should know that you could harm her too. You already have a name, and it seems to me that you are worth better than she does. so why don’t you change the situation toward your advantage?

    I want to finish, in french:

    Du sublime au ridicule, il n'y a qu'un pas. - Napoléon Bonaparte

    Je ne pense pas que vous soyez une femme qui se laisse faire, c'est pour cela que je vous souhaite que cela s'arrange.

    Best regards

  5. rien a voir avec vous belle demoiselle, la beauté n'est pas que dans les formes physiques ... vos yeux refletent une vraie beauté interieure, pas comme le fake présent sur tfone ^^
    Best regards

  6. In france, nobody understand, who is princess Xénia at the end? You or her?