Sunday, 28 November 2010

do we really strive for natural reality?

Why don't admit that dreams are better. Pink hair is prettier.

japanese lolita

me by pino gomes

gaga by lachappelle


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  1. I think the reason is, that we all want what we cannot have, white people want 2 be more dark, dark people want 2 be more white etc. Also some people just like pink (you probably). By the way is that a hat you are wearing on the picture or just something in the background?

    The picture itself, i quite like it. I have the following understanding: what he does is genious. He basically made you a flower. Imagine a couple flowers in a garden on the ground. This is the lower part of your dress. THe one flower is taller than the others. she has a longer stem than the others (black part) the the head of the flowers, your head. But whats up the hat for? maybe a sign on protection from the sun, lets the subject look more wispy maybe.