Saturday, 27 November 2010

Myriam Girard: behind the scenes with Xenia Tchoumitcheva


  1. Great! Black one at 0:32 is the best :) greetings from switzerland

  2. omg.. :-) can watch this video the whole day.;-)
    would be great to meet you someday personally.:-)
    greats from switzerland.

  3. Hey cool movie, nice clothes, she knows what shes doing, good natural makeup, quite like the music, nice ring, matches with her finger- and feetnail color. Maybe sometimes a little to bright.

    i like the part where shes says her lastname and while shes saying it, she brings her "chest" a little bit closer to the camera and shakes it slightly. Conclusion: she knows how to sell her lastname 4 sure ;) I also like the part where she walks up the stairs and the cameraman tries not to film her ass. she looks back and probably says: "stop!" (filming my ass). But then she runs up the stairs very quickly and brings it to the front (Why the he** are u filming my back and not my ass??!!!!)