Monday, 3 January 2011

backstage: checkin it


  1. Hi! :-) cool!! i just love this twitter outfit! These Shoes THAT dress!! & The Hair i almost love most...but nothing reaches, whats in the dress under the hair :-) U KNOW!! yr soul!! nothing touches me more...also there!!! know for MORE Sense in Show, Biz & "blasting human-fence" with the srongest power in operational levels, Yeah Entertainment is THE BEST! Easy goin...easy showing...easy doing...U KNOW i mean doesent mean now..i cant work without a beer now, BUT LIFE HAS TO BE FUN BEcause it I S Pardise~Lifes ARE FUN & more then only clever: Empowered Grace in the way..that it's manifested ON The Way...yeah AS 1..u know: right.........planing, showing, connecting flowing # ALREADY DOING :D ..yeah yeah yehh ;-) Nothing is in the way!!! blessed...yeah AND its cool to see, how the pictrue "was made" :D) and, HERE & NOW some..i think 10 ;-) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ just for you Darlin but you don't need to count em now ok? ;) pls just take em! m, allmykey

  2. Hi Pro ! .-)
    i see yr soul, smilin! yeah i do :-)
    i see yr soul glowing &
    i see yr soul g r O W I N
    It i So Mind blowiNg HALLELUJAH!!!! Alive♥♥
    wOOOOOOOOW Xenia i swear!!!!!!!!!!
    i...can't explain....the way, Love just showing me, what Love, is made off!?!!!.....
    it's..exactly in the way, i wished!?!! hearts-iron shells, breakin apart from the inner true core....infinitely glowin... infinitely for YA!!!!...ya feelin so energized so WARM in my chest &..JuST in Love with ya!?!!!!! Yeah Xenia....The fire burnin & starting burnin more...firing up & reaching the Heavensdanceflors!?? Oh Baby how i adore you is amazing me myself & i am.. not even fellin boxed..journey of Destiny&love...whereever it feel it...i pray..I GivE my HeArt This Love's breakin free...Souls fully unleashing & unleashing all the flames setting evrything in the blessed alive Life-fire of Godly-Creation. Love rocks: this is allmykey

  3. Hmmm. Sogar OFF-Cam siehst du aus wie eine Göttin.

  4. visibilmente un po affaticata valuti i frutti del tuo lavoro ...

  5. Hi Mouse :)..just Let me show ya now quick, how much i love ya !...!!!! see:

    yeah!!! we've gotta free the snake soon & let the horses run for Destiny AND don't worry, fulfilling this little Dream before all the other endless Dreams is fine & GREAT, since SunBenzin ain't a illusion...yeah you & i have diserved it & all now...and waiting so long now on particulary that,out of respect for our responsiblity with beloved mother earth &.. not even about an "image-thing"...ah you just...just are so great!!! i love you just the way you are....yeah & so this beloved established flying with airplanes finally also truning GREEN...since "sunkerosine" also France they already produce 20% of their whole Benzin like that..100% co2 free!! & here are..the swiss R&D & know:

    told ya Xen!a about the dreams that we seem to have written in our hearts like unapart from eachother :DD yeah &
    PS, maybe you don't want a convertible & the know i just thought this 1 know just fun!?!!! ;~*
    ok...and you saw also this even 2 seats in the back AND a trunk.... :D L♥ve yr mike a.k.a. ah u know me!?!! yr KEY to turn the worlds upsidedown...and yo don't need to guess now whats then all blessed~allright! ;D ;*

  6. ..Hi, sry forgot to tell ya...i mean...lets just forget that cobra!?.. & baby, lets focus directly on the "Baby Range" okay!?...i love it..tell me, how do you!?? or maybe both? awesome..we will be able to get soon now also a 5-doorer of the "Evoque"...yeah not only a coupé will be available! That's new.
    But maybe, you prefer the Baby 1 anyway!?? i don't care...about a car THAT know it!!!...nothing your true hapyness...that we can be blessed together & enjoy life & do blessings ~ what we are empowered for: CHEERS ;D Hahahahah!!!:DDD

    yeah, but here you go:

    ..yeah Dear ☆ put a car together & then pls show me, so i can check what you've done...which color etc and i know you like BMW!!!? but maybe this will bring fresh wind in your..."CarLove-Repertoire" so far!? ;DD
    And we are alive & live in Harmony with our Best!♥♥...and we learn!...and we try & try & try...AND TRY....and it's up to you & its up to me...and we meet in the middle back down to earth...
    and we fight trhough the hurt...and we cry!.....and we pray!...felt so far away & NOW WE ARE STANDING & WHERE DO WE GO!? YOU Know now...WHEn there is now road to yr ♥ !? know :DD listening rigth now to JB...this song is such a great production....i never thought it will be easy and the walls are closing in on us...or someway like that ;D....& i am wondering how!??..:

    ♥ M!☆e

  7. with the little black dress a woman can never be wrong :) It would be interesting to know from which shooting the pictures you post are. Btw have you ever noticed that you face looks a LOT more russian from the side than it does from the front? Thats awesome, from the side your face looks russian and from the front it looks swiss, pretty cool hm?!

  8. Hallo

    Also du bist die die sicher nicht neben dem Leben steht das hab ich gerstern gemerkt als du genannt wurdest im Sf /Ringier 10 vor 10.Ich hab einen Codex zu vertretten.Gemeinsam wären wir nicht einsam.

    Wie alt bist du jetzt wirklich?Bist du reich?Fragen die mich der Herr empfangen lässt weil er meint das ich dich kennenlerne oder doch einbildung?Sags du mir ?

    Letztens ist mir mal eine Idee gekommen .Ich nehm mir einen Fotoapperat und mache Bilder von dir wie du DJ machst.Ich warte auf dich in Zürich .Ich hoffe das wir uns über den Weg laufen.Ich würd gern mit dir deine Dj Karriere verfilmen.Du bist Star genug und ich hab eine Ahnung wie es zugehen kann in der Welt .Amerika hin Amerika her aber du musst das Leben leben.

    Ganz liebe Grüsse vom Snowboardleher Christian der in Zürich beim PFarrer Sieber wohnt:)

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